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Why I am a Sissy
Written by Sissy Emma Louise   

Why I am a Sissy and what I like about it

By Sissy Emma Louise

This is a question I have asked myself many times but never found a definitive answer, does an answer exist?

A friend of mine is gay, the same friend I mention in the paragraph below in fact. It was only in the last 10 years that he came out to me and admitted this. I asked him when we met, I hadn’t seen him for a number of years, when he first realised he was gay. He said that he felt he always knew but had never admitted it to himself.
So, what makes someone gay? All babies in the womb start off female. From that starting point, different chemicals and hormones come into play changing that child into what they will be. I am no scientist, but surely this gives scope for a range of people from very female to very male and all levels in between? I believe that in the case of my friend, certain links were made during his development that made him attracted to men. I also believe that
these links put me in an area between the very female and very male. Physically I am male but inside I definitely have more female than the average man. I am not attracted to men so I am not gay, I am attracted to women but also find that when I look at women, I look at what they are wearing, how they have done their make-up and wished I looked that good!

I have been wearing girly clothes from about the age of 5 or 6. In those early days it was just dressing up fun with a friend, my mum would lend us her clothes. We would put them on and then hide from the adults, making dares for each other and risk being seen. This risk element remains to today. Gradually over the years the wearing of women’s clothes has increased from bits of lingerie to outer garments with make-up and wigs completing the
transformation. Each time I would wear more, pushing the ‘thrill’ that bit further, eventually I ventured outside for that ultimate risk. Part of me thought that with setting these boundaries, on completion I would set myself free from dressing, not needing to take it further. How wrong I was.

Perhaps these are the reasons why I am a sissy, who knows? However, dressing in very girly clothes, the satin, lace, frills and bows makes me so excited. I love the way it feels on the skin, I love the way it makes me move differently. I love the slight feeling of bondage you get with a tight corset and high heels, that feeling of vulnerability.

These feeling and the thrill mentioned above are what keep’s me a sissy, oh yes, and that my mistress told me!

Sissy Emma Louise xxx