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Black Opaque Tights
Written by Sissy Elaine   

Now that wiinter is with us have you noticed how many sexy ladies are wearing black opaque tights?

I must confess to walking around with my tongue hanging out must of the time! So many sexy legs encased in that mysterious black fabric……… it’s just too much for me.

Anyway I was talking to Mistress Emily at the weekend and happened to mention this to her, she was telling me how soft they are and how they hug you oh so tightly….that was all too much for me, I placed my order and my parcel arrived today, lucky for me they arrived nice and early before I went to work.

Mistress’ parcel contained my next task which amongst other things involved me taking some pictures of me in my new black opaque tights, I choose to wear strappy sandals because I’m a bit of a tart!! The weather was fairly nice so I ventured out into the garden….they certainly felt wonderful, the lycra rich fabric seemed to linger on my legs as I walked around in my high heels, they certainly hit the spot for me, I loved them!!

When I was sorted out I dressed for work (pink panties under my suit trousers) and arrived just in time for my meeting…Louisa , the guest speaker was wearing a short, red dress over…you guessed it black opaque tights, what are the chances?! Well she certainly transfixed me for 45 minutes, I was hypnotised watching every move of her legs encased in her black tights, they were stunning, I was hard most of the time, knowing that I had been wearing a similar pair less than an hour before was awesome. I have no idea what she talked about but who cares….she was HOT!!

Thank you Mistress Emily.

Sissy Elaine