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Why I am a Sissy and what I like about it By Sissy Nicki
Written by Sissy Nicki   

Wikipedia says that a sissy is a man that behaves in a particularly un-masculine way and that being a sissy implies a lack of courage and stoicism which are important to the male role.

I remember when I was 4 or 5 that most of my friends were girls and I didn’t play with boys as much. I remember one of my girl friends having a nurse’s uniform and wanting one myself. I don’t remember being encouraged in this desire. There have been lots of other occasions through my life when I have enjoyed the company of girls or women rather than boys or men. All the way through school I got on with the girls but they didn’t usually see me as a traditional boyfriend more as a friend (perhaps they thought of me as ‘one of the girls’).

As I grew up things didn’t change much and used to enjoy going to an aerobics class where I was the only male. I would have loved to have worn a pink leotard! I remember going on a mountain biking holiday in my twenties and everyone else wanted the rough and tumble of off road tracks but I was a little scared and ended up cycling on the road with one or two other girls. At this time I had started my interest in being dominated by a superior female Mistress and whilst on holiday I longed to be back home to dress in my lingerie and pretty maid’s uniform.

Now I want to enjoy being a sissy and realise life is too short not to become more and more sissified and please my Mistress. I enjoy being pushed by my Mistress to do more and more challenging things that are at first embarrassing and humiliating. I also enjoy amusing and pleasing my Mistress as she turns a weak man into her perfect sissy. I definitely have no interest in being controlled or used by a man. If a Mistress wants to use me with a strapon penis I know I will have to get used to it to please her. However I would never want to please a man sexually. You could say I am a lesbian sissy.

I love to wear little cute satin panties. I adore French panties and camisole tops and love the feeling of being encased in the satin of a camisole top. I also love wearing sexy baby doll nighties. I still think it is very naughty to wear a bra and find it a bit embarrassing but in a fun sort of way. I do fantasize however of having false breasts complete with juicy nipples to wear inside my bra. I could then wear a skimpy blouse and the nipples on my pert breasts would naughtily reveal themselves through my blouse. I would be very self conscious of this but my Mistress would give me no choice in the matter. I would also have to wear a sexy short skirt and pretty stockings held up by a naughty little suspender belt. Of course I would have to wear at lease 3 inch heels which along with a butt plug (just to remind me of my sissy status) would make me walk in a very femininely mincing way. I am getting quite excited at the thought of this.

I also love to dress in humiliating sissy clothes that bring out the submissive sissy in me.

I used to own a pretty pink tutu and a maid’s uniform which I was instructed to buy be my mistress (at the time). I fantasize of being dressed as sissy maid and made to lisp in a sissy way and curtsey for my Mistress. I would have to perform tasks and chores for Mistress. I would be led on a leash through the streets and perhaps Mistress would take me to a shop or two to show me off. This is a very exciting fantasy but I know I would find it very embarrassing.EmbarassedEmbarassed

There are also ways that a Mistress may control a sissy’s sexual urges to make the sissy focus on her sissy behaviour. I love the thought of Mistress controlling my masturbation and having fun telling me when and how I am to eventually pleasure myself. Mistresses have made me cum on my face before now which was very humiliating. I have also been made to drink or lick my mess up which I have not been instructed to do or been able to do for a long time since. However I believe if Mistress requests this I must comply. A fun but messy punishment for a naughty sissy is to be denied masturbation for a number of days (or weeks) and then Mistress ensures that the sissy is now very excited and ready to explode. Sissy is then instructed to explode into her panties which must be worn for the rest of the day without cleaning. Perhaps if the mess could cause embarrassing leaks and wet stains the sissy may have to also wear incontinence pants. What fun life is being a sissy! Smile